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Bauer Survives Late Lap Contact To Win Eldora.

Rossburg, OH -- A lap 26 incident changed the outcome of the Weekender Series this afternoon at Eldora. Stiffler who lead the first 26 laps of the feature, would finish 11th after close racing between Stiffler, Smith & Bauer resulted in a Bauer win under caution. The 23 car feature event had 5 cautions with some avoidable incidents. Clean it up boys. Until next time...

Qualifying Pole -- Reid

Heat 1 Winner -- Reid

Heat 2 Winner -- Smith

Heat 3 Winner -- Nelson

Heat 4 Winner -- Langley

Heat 5 Winner -- Wynn

C-Main Winner -- Reinke

B-Main Winner -- Buchanan

Feature Top 3 -- Bauer, Buchanan, Glare


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