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Hamman Sails To Feature Win.

Smith Strong At Volusia.

Bishop Cruises To Lanier Victory.

Hamman Outlasts Smith For Week 2 Win.

Edwards Starts Off The Season With A Win.

AR Makes A Last Lap Pass To Win Fairbury.

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Vohringer Drives To Feature Win.

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L. Carlblom Wins In Tight Finish At Knoxville.

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C. Crowder Leads All But 1 At Knoxville.

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Houser Victorious At 100.

Rossburg, OH -- The 2nd Annual 100 was filled with plenty of excitement, it started off with Smith in qualifying topping the field with a 17.014 sec. lap. Next up was heat 1 where Vohringer would start 1st and finish 1st, leading all 10 laps. Heat 2 was led by Devitt in the early going but Reinke would lead the final 7 laps and take the win. The warmup session speed chart was topped by Carter with a 17.138 sec. lap. The 100 lap feature event showed 5 different leaders with Carlblom, Vohringer, Smith, Cronise & Houser all leading laps. Cronise looked like the car to beat in the early going running the bottom to middle groove of the race track real effectively. Cronise would be involved in a couple cautions on account of the wheel actually breaking. Houser worked his way to the front and never looked back being in total control the rest of the race. Vohringer was fast but a controversial call on the final restart left to much ground to be made up and finished 2nd.

Holbert Charges To Win.

Rossburg, OH -- Holbert passed his way to the front in Weekender Series action at Eldora. Despite losing the heat race to Cronise after leading 7 of the 10 laps, roles reversed come feature time. Holbert would go on to lead 31 laps while Cronise led 19 laps respectfully. Rossman had a late race charge to take the 3rd spot in the feature event. 2 cautions for 6 laps with a car count of 9 on the afternoon. Until next time... Qualifying Pole -- Holbert Heat 1 Winner -- Cronise Feature Top 3 -- Holbert, Cronise, Rossman Full Results Click Here!

Smith Leads The Way At Knoxville.

Knoxville, IA -- Veteran driver Smith returns to victory lane in Weekender Series action. Smith would win the first heat of the night and go on to lead 23 laps in the feature event to claim the win. Breuer would also lead some laps placing 2nd and leading 7 laps in the feature event. Breuer was your heat 2 winner. Until next time... Qualifying Pole -- Smith Heat 1 Winner -- Smith Heat 2 Winner -- Breuer Feature Top 3 -- Smith, Breuer, Snell Full Results Click Here!

Bauer Survives Late Lap Contact To Win Eldora.

Rossburg, OH -- A lap 26 incident changed the outcome of the Weekender Series this afternoon at Eldora. Stiffler who lead the first 26 laps of the feature, would finish 11th after close racing between Stiffler, Smith & Bauer resulted in a Bauer win under caution. The 23 car feature event had 5 cautions with some avoidable incidents. Clean it up boys. Until next time... Qualifying Pole -- Reid Heat 1 Winner -- Reid Heat 2 Winner -- Smith Heat 3 Winner -- Nelson Heat 4 Winner -- Langley Heat 5 Winner -- Wynn C-Main Winner -- Reinke B-Main Winner -- Buchanan Feature Top 3 -- Bauer, Buchanan, Glare Full Results Click Here!